MARIE Project

Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement


The MARIE Project was launched in the context of climate change mitigation efforts, in which European commitments like 20/20/20 2020 and the new EPBD assign a special role to energy efficiency in the building sector.


The project was initiated in April 2011 as one of the first three strategic projects of the European Union MED programme, with a duration of 45 months. It is  led by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia, with the participation of 22 partners from different Mediterranean regions of Spain, France, Italy and Greece, Montenegro, Malta and Cyprus, plus Slovenia and Portugal.

The project’s main objective is to establish the technical, economic and social basis for large scale energy efficiency improvement of the existing Mediterranean building stock, within the framework of EU policies. The project aims to overcome the main market, institutional, legislative and financial barriers with a Mediterranean building energy efficiency strategy (MEDBEES) which hopes to stimulate refurbishment and energy efficiency improvement measures in the residential and tertiary building stock with the participation of local SMEs. The project includes four pilot studies.

Expected results

New legislative framework, institutional tools and financial mechanisms, tested in pilot studies

Measures to support local and regional SMEs in order to qualitatively and quantitatively increase the supply/range of solutions for energy efficiency improvement

Political commitment to implement the MEDBEE strategy

Information and education/training programme


9 Mediterranean countries, 22 partners

Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia
LIMA Association - Low impact Mediterranean Architecture, Catalonia
ACC1Ó, Catalonia
IREC Catalonia Institute for Energy Research
COPV Conserjería de Obras Publicas y Vivienda, Andalusia
CRMA (Chambre Régionale de Métiers et de l'Artisanat, PACA) France
ANKO (Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia S.A), Greece
IASA (Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications), Greece
Department of Innovation, Research and University. PIEDMONT REGION, Italy
Direzione Regionale Risorsa Umbria, Italy
Consorzio per l'AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste, Italy
University of Evora, Portugal
Dept. of Business Activities Enterprise policies, technological innovation. Basilicata Region, Italy
ARE Liguria, Regional Energy Agency of Liguria, Italy
Union of Mediterranean Architects. UMAR
Local Council Association of Malta. LCA
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
GOLEA (Goriska Local Energy Agency), Slovenia
Municipality of BAR, Montenegro
Municipality of Larnaca, Cyprus

Involvement/Participation of LIMA

LIMA participates mainly in Work Package 4, its main objective being the analysis and promotion of demand for energy efficiency improvement and refurbishment. In addition, LIMA participates in two pilot activities on the improvement of energy efficiency legislation and the introduction of innovative financial mechanisms (PPP- Public Private Partnership)