Vilawatt bases its energetic transition in the creation of a new organizational structure including citizens, companies and the City Council, which will be an integral energy operator, with the aim of achieving a more efficient energy management. This operator will promote the capitalization of savings to finance the integral energetic rehabilitation of the residential buildings of the district of Montserratina. In addition, a complementary currency will be created, called Vilawatt, which will be used both to stimulate energy savings and to strengthen the local economy. A key point in the whole process will be the community work with the neighbours, and where the participation of all the parties involved will be worked from the most initial stages: citizens, local business and City Hall.


LIMA is a key partner of the Vilawatt project in all the tasks related to integral energy rehabilitation. It will mainly contribute with its expertise in the characterization of buildings and the determination of the renovation measures that will be proposed to achieve significant energy savings.


The project has closed the initiation phase that is developed within four months after notification of approval of the project, and during which all the contractual documents between the partners and the financing entity are signed.