ELIH MED – MARIE- PROFORBIOMED held a workshop: “Energy Efficiency in Buildings Strategy in Spain. Capitalization of projects from the MED Program”

On March first a meeting  on capitalization of the three projects from the MED strategic program about energy efficieny in buildings: ELIH MED, MARIE and PROFORBIOMED took place at the Valencian Building Institute.


The aim of the meeting was to constitute the central element of the Working Group 5E at national level with the Spanish partners of the three strategic MED projects, with the intention of sharing pilot activities (getting to know what the others are doing) and to be supportive as well as the development of the Policy Paper.


The Policy Paper is a document that intends to propose a number of agreed recommendations to help the preparation of the next episode of the programs to the Managing Authority of the MED program and the wider European authorities involved in the matter, responding to challenges related to energy efficiency and shared by the countries of the Mediterranean.


This document is available at:


Part of the agenda was a visit to one of the buildings of the pilot activity of energy efficiency refurbishment conducted by the Valencian Building Institute in Valencia, in the framework of the ELIH MED project and supported by the regional government.


Furthermore specific aspects were treated:

How to contribute to the development of the 14 lines of the Policy Paper from the pilot activities of the three projects.

How to contribute to the Policy Paper from the capitalization activities on a state-wide level: conferences, seminars, dissemination events, etc..

Preparation of a Spanish presentation for the meeting of the MED states held in Slovenia (September 2013).

Being supportive of the production of the 2nd version of the Policy Paper, late 2013.


Those attending the meeting and the members of the three cited strategic projects were representatives, aside from the Valencian Building Institute, of the following organizations: Urban Environment Observatory of Malaga (OMAU), the Energy Research Institute of Catalonia (IREC), the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Provincial Government of Catalonia, the Housing Agency of Catalonia, the LIMA Association (Low impact Mediterranean Architecture Association ), the Forest Science Center of Catalonia (CTFC), the Department of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment of the Provincial Government of Valencia, the Council of Enguera, the General Direction of Environment of the Ministry of Murcia, the public company VAERSA, the Energy Agency of Murcia (ARGEM), and EUROVÉRTICE.


Representatives of the Liaison Office ENPI MED-BM and the INTERACT Point Valencia attended as observers.


The Mediterranean Institute of France also attended, who intends to use this experience as a capitalization model for other countries.



For further information, please consult the websites of the three strategic projects: